Wrinkle elimination

Don’t let the years overcome you.

Unifying great professionals, the latest equipment and innovative and first quality products, we achieve the best results. We’re convinced that after visiting us and trying our treatments, you’ll feel better with yourself. We also apply these treatments on men, who nowadays demand these more to achieve a better look.

The treatments we offer:

 Hyaluronic acid    

Facial hyaluronic acid treatment is an injectable filler used to effectively eliminate wrinkles and expression marks, providing a natural elastic and voluminous effect.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a gel applied through micro-injections straight into the skin and contributes to replenish lost natural hyaluronic acid. Depending on its density it can be used on different applications.

What does hyaluronic acid achieve?

It allows us to remodel shapes and contours on face and lips, giving volume to areas modified by ageing; it also fills static folds and wrinkles which are the deepest and most visible ones that appear while relaxed.

Facial contouring with filling substances is a medicinal technique that regenerates lost volume, eliminates wrinkles, shapes face contour, reduces folds and creases and gives volume and outlines lips.

Botulinic Toxin


Botulinic toxin has turned out to be an excellent solution to facial wrinkles on the upper third or the favce. It is the most performed treatment in the world.

What benefits does it have?

  • It relaxes muscles that cause expression wrinkles
  • It eliminates the hardness from our expression, as well as the tiredness
  • It minors the strength and contraction of muscles
  • It prevents wrinkles
  • It prevents surgery
  • It doesn’t leave marks
  • Results are apparent 72h after application

How is it done?

With no need for numbing, the doctor will draw the places where he will infiltrate the product, using very thin needles.


They are recommended to prevent or treat skin aging, on young over 30 years old people that begin to show the first signs of aging and elder people as a compliment to other procedures. They revitalize and tone the skin from the first sessions.


  • It is a treatment that has a history of good results to prevent and treat facial skin, neckline and even ageing of the hands
  • It triggers a powerful action that awakens skin functions from their dormant state and sets them to work at their full capacity
  • They refine micro-wrinkles
  • They increase skin moisture
  • They allow the hydrolipidic balance of skin to maintain itself
  • They increase the quality of skin tissue in all its layers
  • This treatment is ideal for circular neck wrinkles
  • It strengthens connective tissue which holds the skin
  • They keep a homogeneous skin tone and avoid pigment alterations
  • They have a great antioxidant power
  • The skin looks smoother, firm, healthy and luminous
  • It allows us to diminish small wrinkles, stopping premature aging
  • They have a free antiradical effect, protecting skin from both internal and external ageing agents
  • They maintain the structure and firmness of the skin

Thread Facelift

They stimulate, stretch and regenerate skin. They slow ageing

As time goes by you’ll start noticing a loss of vitality and smoothness of your facial skin: creases, wrinkles and tiredness. A thread facelift is a revolutionary medical aesthetic treatment which will slow ageing and reduce skin stress, stimulating natural regeneration and skin metabolism.

This new method is based on the implantation of tiny polidioxanona (PDO) threads in subcutaneous tissue to soften creases and face flabbiness, as it provides vitality, luminosity and elasticity to our skin. Its like a high performance facial lifting with an immediate result, with no risk of rejection and minimal secondary effects.

Gold Mask

From the latest beauty trends, we must highlight one of the most beneficial and innovative ones: facial masks made with gold.

Are you ready to glow?

Facial treatments revolution is here with gold masks, which have appeared as the greatest ally to fight aging signs and maintaining youthfulness.

The uses of this mask are many, but they’re based on three aesthetic directions: energize the face, fight and reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate. Therefore, we recommend its use after age 40.

Why are gold masks so effective?

The answer is simple. Its composition is rich in zinc, magnesium, goat milk and honey, with the base made of gold. All these ingredients in their different proportions make the mask a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, energizer and anti-age treatment. In one session you can benefit of these excellent properties that will give you a young and radiant looking skin.