Dental Aesthetics

We offer different treatments to make sure you never have to hide your smile again



Whitening or Bleaching is a dental treatment that aims to reduce by several shades the natural colour of your teeth, achieving a whiter and shinier smile.

For this treatment we use a product that contains hydrogen peroxide which is activated by our full arc cold light.

Composite and Ceramic Veneers

Veneers are restorative dental treatments which are used to cover and mask the visible part of our teeth in order to correct aesthetic or pathological problems, as cavities, previous restorations, fractures, changes in pigmentation or shape.

Crowns or caps are dental prosthetics that are fixed and cover the area of a previously prepared tooth. This treatment allows us to preserve the affected tooth, which – due to different circumstances like cavities, fractures, aesthetics, etc – would otherwise be at risk of being lost.

Metal Filling Removal

Amalgam is a restorative material used in dentistry to treat teeth with cavities and is an alloy of different metals. We remove these unsightly fillings and, using up-to-date techniques, replace them with modern materials which obtain the more aesthetic, natural look that your teeth used to have.

Let us create your smile