Lip Augmentation

Huge lips don’t suit everyone. Furthermore, according to scientific surveys, proportional sizes are more attractive.

These are the 5 golden rules for attractive lips:

Take it easy: It’s best to go with a gradual augmentation. Space appointments and don’t do the treatment in one session. This will allow skin to expand in a more natural way an avoid the “duck mouth” effect.

Respect your lips’ anatomy: These can’t be changed entirely, so its important to remember the “present” to embrace the “future” naturally.

Inject more: To achieve a natural look more product is needed. This doesn’t mean injecting more in the lip but consists of modelling the surrounding area to avoid a “cartoon” look.

The material: Hyaluronic acid. There are different types. How do we decide between them? Depending on the effect we want to achieve. For longer lasting augmentation or, for example, to find out how it looks on us for a short period of time.

The technique: The key to this procedure is the technique: We apply minutely spaced small amounts. With this we avoid irregularities and we obtain a smooth finish.

How often do we apply it?

The effect disappears gradually over a period of approximately six to twelve months. This depends on the reabsorption levels of each patient.