Dr. Mihai Coman

General Dentistry, Oral Prosthodontics and Aesthetics.

Nº Col.: 29001974


  • Degree in Dentistry
  • “Grundkurs im Strahlenschutz für Zanhmediziner” (Basic Course on Radiological Protection in Dentistry)
  • “Funktionstherapie und Totalprothetik” (Functional therapy and complete prosthetics)
  • “Physiognomische und ästhetische Aspekte für festsitzenden Zahnersatz” (Physiognomics and aesthetics in fixed dental prosthetics)
  • “Orale Rehabilitación mit festsitzend-abnehmbarem Zahnersatz” (Oral Rehabilitation with fixed and removable denture)
  • Radioactive Facility Operator
  • Osteointegrated Implantology (theoretical-practical)
  • Bioengineering in oral tissues. Current status and existing applications.
  • Aesthetic treatments in periodontology and implants
  • Fillin implant with hyaluronic acid
  • Oral anatomy applied to Implantology and implantoprosthetics
  • Dental Clinic Management and Marketing
  • Lip and lip perimeter aesthetic treatment with hyaluronic acid
  • Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide in dentistry
  • Intraceuticals theoretical and practical course on facial aesthetic treatments
  • Mother cells in the dental pulp: future possibilities in Regenerative Dentistry and Medicine
  • Ozone application in Dentistry

Languages: Spanish, German, English and Rumanian