Do you not like your teeth?

Are they not straight?

Let us help you to show your best smile. Avoid dental problems due to bad teeth position.

Orthodontics is the dental speciality that prevents and corrects alterations in teeth position and between the jaws. It does not only straighten teeth, but it also corrects bone and face alterations, as well as problems with bite and chewing.

When is the best age to have your first orthodontic check-up?

Treatment for misaligned teeth differs depending on the type of problem that causes it and its severity. Most treatments are done between ages 10 and 14, but sometimes it is necessary to start as young as 6 or 8 years old to prevent these problems from getting worse.

Whether you’ve recognised a problem or not, our recommendation is that you have your first check up with the orthodontist at around age 6.  

Types of orthodontic treatment

There are interceptive or corrective orthodontic treatments.

Interceptive treatments are the ones that are - generally – done on temporary or mixed dentition and are recommended for incipient misalignment which, if not treated, might worsen.

Some types of misalignment that are caused by habits can be corrected on their own if the habit stops, but others require special orthodontic treatment.

Corrective treatments are necessary when interceptive treatment hasn’t been done or the result is not enough due to the extent of misalignment. Therefore, it is focused on correcting an established misalignment.

This treatment is normally done between the ages of 10 and 12.

In corrective treatment removable or fixed (brackets) devices are used.  

Recommendations on fixed braces (brackets)

Bracket placement is recommended in cases where we observe incorrect position, overlapping, rotated teeth, diastemas (gaps between your teeth), etc

Brushing and braces

It is very important that during the orthodontic treatment patients have an exceptional oral hygiene as braces allow food and plaque to accumulate and attack your teeth, causing decalcification. Brushing must be at least three times a day and specially after eating sweets.