Intraoral Oxygen Therapy

A.-  Application of pure oxygen (98% pureness) with individual or generic trays on top and bottom dental arches. The trays are connected through tubes to out oxygen concentrating device (in our clinic we use Intraceuticals machine). We work with a 4 – 5 litres per minute oxygen flow. In the trays, this oxygen applied at certain pressure will create an atmosphere that introduces itself in the interdental spaces and in the gum, producing a strong surface oxygenation.

Oxygen is essential to cell metabolism. With this technique, we improve the intake and absorption of oxygen to the gums (hyperoxigenation) and develop a strong antimicrobial action.

Most bacteria that produces gingivitis and afterwards periodontitis are anaerobic (especially present gram-negative anaerobic bacteria), which means that they cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. With a periodical exposure to this oxygen, we are able to destroy and eliminate these bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

Before the treatment with oxygen, we do a scaling and planning of periodontal pockets.

We recommend our patients to use a home-made solution with one part hydrogen peroxide 10 vol for oral use and one part water as a mouthwash 3-4 times a day during a week and up to one minute each time. Afterwards rinsing with water is recommended.

After the first periodontal treatment (scaling and planning) we recommend a session of oxygen therapy once a week.

Periodontal Treatment:

Planing and scaling of periodontal pockets (curettage)

Reduced hydrogen peroxide mouthwashes 3-4 times a day during a minute

Oxygen therapy through oral trays once a week the first month after curettage. Afterwards, once a month with treatment check-up and cleaning.

After oxygen therapy treatment we apply vitamin E on gums.

It has been found to have a positive result on patients that have gone through chemo o radiotherapy and experience gum discomfort.

This treatment is recommended on patients who suffer from pregnancy gingivitis as it is completely safe for the foetus.

Soothing of generalized hypersensitivity.

B.  Application of localized oxygen into periodontal pockets and root canals in their treatments through cannulas.

We connect an endodontic cannula or needle to our oxygen concentrating machine through a thin tube and we apply a stream of it directly to the periodontal pockets or the root canals for 1-2 minutes. We work with a 1.5 – 2 litres per minute flow. We apply it very carefully so as not to exceed the recommended pressure.