Dental Treatments

Our professional team, which has great experience and vast knowledge about oral health, studies each case attending the specific needs of our patients, thereby offering the best solution and ensuring oral health, functionality and aesthetics.

This means that we are always striving towards our main goal: your smile. We seek your complete satisfaction, both in terms of comfort and looks.

We work in all different dental areas:

Dental Aesthetics

We like to define this as art and science combined to enhance the beauty of your smile.




We use the best quality materials to substitute your missing teeth. A dental implant will be placed to restore the lost root and upon it a crown will be fixed: your final tooth.


We work with different types of braces depending on the needs of our patients. We will always use the best option for you.



These prosthetics can be fixed - like bridges - or removable – like complete or partial dentures.



Fixed Prosthetics

Root Canal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment

Intraoral Oxygen Therapy

Fixed prosthetics are completely supported by teeth.

Don’t lose your affected tooth! With this technique we remove the infection and restore the damaged tooth.

We treat the inflammation of your gums which produces damage to the structures that support your teeth.

Application of pure oxygen (98% pureness) with individual or generic trays on top and bottom dental arches.